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Welcome to UCM AG

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines (UCM) stands for

  • over 20 years experience and know-how in the field of surface cleaning,
  • Swiss quality ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • references with key manufacturers in various industrial sectors

UCM AG was founded in 1993 with head-office in Au, Switzerland. In 1996 the company was transferred to St. Margrethen.

Thanks to it’s vast experience in the manufacture and sale of ultrasonic cleaning machines, UCM AG quickly and successfully established its place in the market. Leading local and international companies became satisfied customers. The total commitment of all employees in the early years was the foundations for our future growth.

The space available for offices and workshops at the St. Margrethen site gradually became too small and no longer complied with our requirements. 2002 was the year the company moved to new premises in Rheineck.

In December 2009 the Dürr Ecoclean Group became the new owner of UCM AG. This step was essential to guarantee continued growth and settle the succession of the company founder Rolf Hohl. As part of an international group and a mother company leading in the industrial parts cleaning sector of the automobile industry, UCM AG ideally completed the product range with its fine cleaning machines. The use and expansion of commercial structures now available has enabled our customers to benefit from a worldwide local support.

In 2013, in the 20th Business year, the UCM AG has built a new hall and implemented the renovation of the existing building. In March 2013 the groundbreaking ceremony for the new building took place. Already five months later the new hall was put into operation. Mid-September 2013 the renovations of the existing building started. The renovation included additional offices and meeting rooms, a recreation room, extended storage areas and and an enlargement including modernization of the laboratory/test center.