Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for precision and micro-optics

UCM manufactures fully automatic fine cleaning systems, specifically adapted to the needs and requirements of the optical engineering industry.
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Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for precision parts and fine mecanics

UCM manufactures ultrasonic fine cleaning machines specifically adapted to the high cleanliness requirements in the fabrication of fine mechanics and precision parts such as e.g. the watch and jewelry industries.
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Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for medical and surgical components

The individual, fully automatic multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning systems of UCM enable the cleaning, passivation and drying of a wide variety of medical components such as implants or instruments.
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Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for metal, ceramic and plastic parts

We guarantee the highest cleaning quality by adapting the technology to the characteristics and properties of the parts cleaned. We develop the most suitable cleaning processes in our in-house technical research centre.
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Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for solar, wafer and glass parts

UCM fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning lines are used in the solar industry to meet the high throughput requirements.
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Ultrasonic cleaning solutions for tools prior to PVD/CVD coating

Increasing cleanliness requirements and consistent cleaning results are common demands for the production of tools. UCM offers optimized solutions, ranging from cleaning during processing to final cleaning before PVD/CVD coating.
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Trade Press/Technical Articles

Versatility for maximum efficiency and targeted cost reduction in industrial part cleaning

With the EcoCCompact, Dürr Ecoclean has developed a versatile full-vacuum system for parts cleaning and corrosion protection with non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols. The successor to...Read more

At parts2clean, Dürr Ecoclean presents solvent and water-based cleaning plus service solutions

A broad-based portfolio addressing virtually any cleaning task is presented by Dürr Ecoclean at this year's parts2clean in Stuttgart. The range of solutions shown extends from aqueous and solvent...Read more

Dürr Ecoclean strives for faster expansion of the global market and technology leadership

After the successful refocusing under the umbrella of the Dürr Group, the Dürr Ecoclean Group has become the international market and technology leader in industrial parts cleaning over the last few...Read more

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