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Solar, wafer and glass components

The rapid growth in the solar energy sector has set new standards and requires upgrading of the cleaning processes. Whereas before the finished wafer was cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and removed manually by a worker, UCM now uses fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning lines which meet the higher throughput requirements. Thanks to the use of linear robots, cleaning may be carried out without stoppage times.

Example of a cleaning machine for solar cell wafers

  • Contamination: Particles after mechanical processing
  • Cleaning before packaging
  • 5 tanks (2 x cleaning, 1 x rinsing, 2 x DI water rinsing)
  • Capacity: approx. 1,800 wafers per hour
  • Dryer: Hot air drying
  • Equipment: Ultrasonics (40 kHz)
  • Dimension of tanks: 450x650x550 mm

Example of a cleaning machine for sapphire wafers

  • Contamination: Particles, polishing paste
  • Cleaning before coating
  • 9 tanks (3 x cleaning, 3 x rinsing, 3 x DI water rinsing)
  • Capacity: 8-9 batches per hour
  • Dryer: Infrared drying
  • Equipment: Ultrasonics (multi-frequency 40/80/120 kHz), laminar flow
  • Dimension of tanks: 350x450x470 mm