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Precision parts and fine mechanics

UCM manufactures ultrasonic fine cleaning machines specifically adapted to the high cleanliness requirements in the fabrication of fine mechanics and precision parts such as e.g. the watch and jewelry industries.

Example of a precision cleaning machine before high vacuum brazing

  • Contamination: Processing residue, particles
  • Cleanliness: Residual carbon content on surface less than 1mg/m²
  • Scope of parts: Turned, deep drawn parts made of copper and stainless steel.  
  • Cleaning before high vacuum brazing
  • 7 tanks (2 x cleaning, 2 x rinsing, 2 x DI water rinsing)
  • Throughput: approx. 6-8 batches per hour
  • Dryer: Vacuum/infrared
  • Equipment: Ultrasonics (multi-frequency 40/80/120 kHz)
  • Dimension of tanks 500x600x500 mm

Example of a precision cleaning machine for watch parts

  • Contamination: Processing residue, dust, particles
  • Scope of parts: Watch parts
  • Cleaning before assembly
  • 4 tanks (1 x cleaning, 3 x rinsing)
  • Throughput: approx. 8 batches per hour
  • Dryer: Hot air
  • Cooling: For the solvent tanks
  • Equipment: Ultrasonics (40 kHz), Filter Fan Unit
  • Dimension of tanks: 150x300x200 mm