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Metal, plastic and ceramic parts

UCM guarantees the highest cleaning quality by adapting the technology to the characteristics and properties of the parts to be cleaned. We develop the most suitable cleaning processes in our in-house technical research centre.

Example of a cleaning machine for heat-exchangers

  • Contamination: Particles, oils
  • Cleaning and pickling
  • 10tanks (1 x cleaning, 2 x pickling, 6 x rinsing, 1 x DI water rinse)
  • Dryer: Blow drying, vacuum drying
  • Equipment: Ultrasonics (multi-frequency 25/50 kHz)
  • Dimension of tanks: 450x600x600 mm

Example for intermediate cleaning machine for dental instruments and implants

  • Contamination: Processing residue, particles
  • Scope of materials: Tool steel, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics
  • Cleaning before non-sterile packaging
  • 8 tanks (4 x cleaning, 2 x rinsing, 2 x DI water rinsing)
  • Capacity: approx. 15-17 batches per hour
  • Dryer: Hot air with particle filter
  • Equipment: Ultrasonics (multi-frequency 25/50), magnetic filtration, oil separator
  • Dimension of tanks: 410x550x600 mm

Example of a cleaning machine for precision sensors

  • Contamination: Processing residue, particles
  • Scope of materials: Stainless steel, oxides, NF metals
  • Cleaning and pickling
  • 10 tanks (3 x cleaning, 4 x rinsing, 3 x DI water rinsing)
  • Dryer: Hot air dryer, vacuum dryer
  • Equipment: Ultrasonics (multi-frequency 40/80 kHz)
  • Dimension of tanks: 300x450x370 mm